Finest Removals

  “My wife and I decided to book another company for our move. The move was really stressful and we have a lot of things to pack, on top of the fact that we both procrastinate a lot. So naturally we weren’t ready on the morning of the move. Perfect, because the other company didn’t show. We had enough time to pack our things. 4 hours after the appointed time, we tried to get in touch with the call centre of the other company, but they told us there was a mistake and our booking was cancelled, but they could book us for three days later. Right, this is when I hung up the phone and opened my web browser. Finest Removals came highly recommended so I used the online booking form and took me less than a minute to get a booking. Not three hours later the guys were on our address. At this point my wife was already panicking because it was getting late. However, the guys from your team were swift and efficient, so everything was loaded and ready to go in less than two hours. They even helped us with unpacking after the move, which was very refreshing because we didn’t spend the next day unpacking.”

G. Caster
Prompt service and good customer support. Recommended.
J. Madkins
My husband and I decided to move to a bigger flat after we found out we were pregnant. After months of searching we finally found the perfect place, but we needed help with the move, so we took to the web (my husband works in IT, so he’s tech savvy). After a few days of researching, we finally decided to hire you. The customer service was excellent and the move was pretty easy. The three men we requested to come and help us out were only five minutes late (stuck in traffic), but apologised and were very polite. Overall, we were very satisfied with the service.
F. Davis
I had a fight with my previous landlord (greedy bastard) so I had to move on a relatively short notice. I had a few days to find a new flat, pack everything I own, clean the current flat (I wanted my deposit back), and move. Needless to say this is almost impossible for a single guy in his mid twenties, so I looked for an alternative solution. I asked a friend to help me move, but he recommended Finest Removals instead (lazy bastard). I was sceptical at first, but the people on the phone were very professional and I managed to make my booking almost immediately. A few hours later the movers were already at my doorstep. Since I didn’t have time to plan anything, I ordered a full service including packing and unpacking. The whole process took a few hours. This is not the first time I’ve moved, but it’s the first time it didn’t take me a couple of days, so good job on you, mates!
A. Jones
I’ve moved 5 times over the past 3 years and I’ve used 4 different companies. You were on par with one of your more expensive competitors which is great because I got a great service for the money. Keep it up.
E. Hillhouse
Excellent service! Saved me a ton of time. Thanks!
N. Johnson
“As our business expanded, we had to hire a new office. We didn’t realise the retailer didn’t offer furniture assembly, until we were left with a pile of flat-pack boxes. You offered the most affordable price and were ready to visit us at a short notice. It’s so refreshing to find an assembly company that keeps its promise. Many thanks!”
P. Davies and W. Young