Finest Removals

Terms and Conditions - Finest Removals

These terms apply to both Residential and International Removals.

By accepting our offer, you acknowledge that you have reviewed, comprehended, and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

1) Reservation Right: We retain the authority to cancel accepted jobs without prior verification of our availability.

2) Additional Items: For extra items, a slight price adjustment may apply (1-5 boxes are exempt). This condition stands unless a pre-move survey has been conducted.

3) Challenging Spaces: In the presence of narrow/lengthy hallways, corridors, stairs, or corners that impede our movers, an additional fee may be incurred. This condition is void if a survey has been conducted beforehand.

4) Parking Arrangements: All parking-related arrangements, including fees or permits, are the customer’s responsibility. If the distance between the parking spot and the entrance exceeds 20-25 meters, the pricing will be renegotiated.

5) Delays and Third-Party Charges: For delays caused by third parties on your end, a minimum charge of £100 per Luton VAN and £120 per Low Loader Van applies (e.g., waiting for keys). Unexpected additional time can result in charges of up to £150-£200 per hour per van. Prices may fluctuate, so please inquire about the current hourly rates at the time of booking.

6) Dismantling/Reassembling Services: Dismantling and reassembling services are not included in the quoted price unless expressly agreed upon in advance.

7) Packing/Unpacking Services: Packing and unpacking services are not included unless agreed upon in advance. Prices for these services, if not provided on an hourly rate basis, are as follows:

  • £3 per box (without packing/unpacking)
  • £7 per small to medium box (packing only)
  • £11 per small to medium box (packing and unpacking)
  • £13 per wardrobe box (includes packing)
  • £25 per roll of bubble wrap
  • £10 per roll of shrink wrap
  • £2.5 per roll of tape
  • £25 for paper (may cost more if boxes are sent in advance)

(An extra charge for fuel and time may apply if packing service is requested on the day, necessitating a return to our depot for materials.)

8) Cancellation/Short Notice Delays: We reserve the right to charge 50-100% of the agreed price if a job is canceled or delayed with less than 7 days’ notice.

9) Slot Selection: If no time slot is booked, we reserve the right to choose one.

10) Multiple Jobs: On small jobs, part-loads, or furniture deliveries, we may combine them with other jobs, unless you’ve opted for an exclusive van.

11) Damage Claims: All damages must be reported upon delivery or within 48 hours; otherwise, insurers and Finest Removals will not accept claims.

12) We reserve the right to subcontract some jobs to our trusted partners in London or other cities where our coverage is limited or when fully booked. All partners are carefully vetted and possess the necessary experience and insurance.

13) Delivery Without Keys: If you lack keys to your new property and wish to avoid delay charges, you can request us to unload goods in your garage or nearby. We are not obligated to carry the goods to your house unless an extra charge is negotiated.

  • 13B) One-Room Delivery: For flat-rate jobs, if goods are delivered to one room as per your request, we won’t relocate them to another room unless an additional fee is agreed upon.

14) Payment: Final payment must be made the day before the job if not paid in full at the time of booking, or additional charges may apply.

15) PODs and POPs: Proof of delivery and proof of payment are issued after the job’s completion. If an invoice is required, please inform our office.

16) VAT and Pricing: All prices on our offers exclude VAT, which will be added to the total amount when invoiced.

17) Additional Charges: Tolls, Congestion Zone fees, parking fees, tickets, Crossing Charges, ULEZ charges, extra work hours, and similar expenses will be invoiced to the customer.

18) Storage and Redelivery: If goods are taken into our storage for reasons such as non-payment or non-delivery, we reserve the right to charge for storage and redelivery.

19) Insurance Limitations: Our insurance won’t cover damages or loss if the van is loaded/unloaded by customers, goods are handled by other family members, or customers assemble/dismantle furniture. The same rule applies to all items, including valuable ones like jewelry and watches, that were not packed by us and declared by customers.

20) Customer Packing: If customers pack boxes or bags themselves, our insurance won’t apply to damages to the contents. Electronics like TVs should be packed in their original boxes or customers can request us to provide suitable packaging.

21) Weight Limits: As we quote based on volume/list and not weight, we may weigh the VAN after loading to ensure we comply with road weight limits. Each van has a weight limit (e.g., Luton 1000kg, Low Loader 1200kg, 7.5t Lorry – 2400kg) and a maximum weight per 1m3, which is 60kg.

22) Extra Work Hours: If a job exceeds the agreed hours, daily rate, or half-day rate, additional charges will apply for each extra hour of work unless a flat rate has been specified in the offer.

23) Box Weight Limit: Ensure boxes do not exceed 20kg in weight for one-person handling. If a box is too heavy for one person to lift easily, we reserve the right to refuse it or accept only a limited number of heavy boxes due to weight restrictions.

24) Minimum Charge and Refund Policy: “Minimum charge,” “half-day rate,” and “full-day rate” represent the minimum payable amount for a specified duration of service. No refund will be issued if the job is completed in less time.

25) Customer Behavior: In cases of insults, rudeness, or improper behavior towards our staff, we reserve the right to cancel the services and apply the full charge. We also reserve the right to choose our customers.

Thank you for choosing Finest Removals! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.